Did you hear that Facebook raked in 9.32 Billion in their second quarter of 2017!?!  As a free social site how can they do that?  Simple, Ad Revenue. By offering their business users Boosted posts, Ads and[…]

Let’s explain the importance of explainer videos and how they can benefit your site. Your landing page is the very first impression visitors will experience when visiting your marketplace and videos are an easy way to provide[…]

What is Feature Creep? Also known as scope creep or requirements creep, feature creep is the tendency for product features or project requirements to increase during development, beyond the original scope. These additions can increase the complexity[…]




So what is a tagline and why is it so important? A tagline is a catchy, short description that summarizes the overall benefit of your brand. It should help the audience understand the bigger picture of your[...]


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