We provide marketplaces in the Service, Product, and Rental Space. No matter what flow you’re seeking, we build custom sites tailored to your requirements.

Standard Features Included

Multi Vendor Marketplace Software
User Profiles
  • User profiles all accessed by individual email/password
  • Users manage own email/pw/display name/profile picture/payment information/social pages in the account settings page
  • Seller will be responsible to list detailed information for each item they sell, based on site administrators predetermined questions including but not limited to price
  • Buyer will be able to list what they are in search of
  • Buyers and sellers may purchase items in the marketplace
  • Site will be organized by site admin determined categories, subcategories, tags, and/or location of the seller
  • All users will have a dashboard with current and past transactions
Verified Reviews
  • Reviews are verified if the user clicks the link after service is rendered/item is sent - via email
  • Verified reviews will have a check icon next to the reviewers name
  • Reviews allow for a text box message area and overall star rating
Online marketplace
Browse Profiles
software marketplace platform
  • All users will be able to browse the site based on this criteria
  • Location
  • Categories
  • Subcategories
  • Tags
  • Items users are in search of
  • Keywords
Internal Communication
  • Messaging system to allow for conversations and questions inside the marketplace
  • Personal Contact details are hidden from users to keep users inside the marketplace
  • Once sale is made or service is hired, relevant personal details are released in order to ship the product or fulfill the service
Internal Algorithms
  • Automated matching by category that buyers are in search of with sellers or service providers with offerings in the same category
  • Notifications sent by email and via the inbox
  • Matches listed inside user dashboard
  • Matches displayed on the "browse wants" page in the marketplace
Automated Emails
  • Site includes automated emails when actions occur in the marketplace for pw reset, welcome, message received, item sold/booked, item shipped/event occuring
  • Client provides design and content for emails, marketplace sets the triggers
Checkout (Product Marketplace)
  • Shopping cart will combine like sellers
  • Site will include a shopping cart
  • Single payment made for all products and shipping charges at once
Checkout Process (Service Marketplace)
  • Buyer sends request (with or without date/time) and service provider accepts, updates, or declines
  • Payment requested after all parties agree to terms
Shipping Section
  • USPS real time calculations based on seller to buyer location
  • Seller may input tracking details from the shipment for packages prepared off the site
Monetization Methods
  • Allows for percentage of transactions to be deducted per purchase
  • Amount taken and distribution date to seller/service provider decided and initiated by site admin
  • Subscription, Ads, Featured users, Booking fee available (subject to additional charge)
Additional Page
  • Contact / About Us
  • Blog (upon request, various options)
Included API's
  • Google Maps
  • Payment Processor (included are preferred partners)
Online Service Marketplace
Included Social API's
  • Social sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest available on each item/service listed - pushing to those platforms
  • Social logins through Google and Facebook available at registration
  • Desktop, tablet and mobile via the browser/Internet

We can add any Additional Features you want. Here are just a few ask about your unique feature to get a price quote.

Mobile App –  Geo Locating (like Uber)  –  SMS Notifications

Video Conferencing   –  Connecting other Software APIs