Standard Features Included

Landing Page Example

  • All images are uploaded by site administrator
  • All text is written by site administrator
  • All colors of text and buttons are chosen per site administrator preferences
  • Explainer videos may be added to the homepage
  • Customized 1, 2, 3 process of how the marketplace works
Landing page example
Social registration

Social Registration or Simple Sign Up

  • Users may register for the site using their email and password combination from Facebook or Google
  • Users are only required to give email, password, display name, and location in order to use the site
  • Registration page may be required either before browsing or when they are ready to make a purchase
  • Image and all text are customizable for this page

Browse Services

  • All users will be able to browse the site based on the below criteria
  • Location
  • Category
  • Subcategories
  • Tags
  • Services users are in search of
  • Keywords
  • Price Range
Browse Services
Service Provider Listing detail

Service Provider Profile Listing Page

  • Able to view the services each provider offers individually
  • Able to see price for each service offered by hour or project
  • Able to view media provided for each service including images, video links, or PDF’s
  • Able to view associated subcategories and tags in relation to each individual service
  • Able to view experience and other relevant bio data required by the site admin per service offered
  • Able to read reviews on each service offered
  • Able to see availability as established by the service provider, per service offered
  • Able to hire directly or message each user
  • Able to see general location of service provider


  • Messaging system to allow for conversations and questions inside the marketplace
  • Personal Contact details are hidden from users to keep users inside the marketplace
  • Once service is agreed by both parties and funded, relevant personal details released in order to do business
User's Dashboard

User’s Dashboard

  • User profiles all accessed by individual email and password
  • Users will manage their own display name and full contact details
  • Users manage profile picture and all media associated with each service offered
  • Users will be able to hire and provide service within the marketplace
  • All users have current and past transactions and history
  • Users manage funding details in which they will be paid
  • All users may create a listing of a service they are in search of
  • All users may send and receive messages

Easily Add Services

  • Service Providers may add services they are qualified to provide
  • Service Providers may add photos, video links, or PDF’s to showcase their expertise
  • Service Providers will select from site administrators predetermined categories, subcategories and tagging to list their service offering
  • Service Providers will also be required to answer site admin determined questions per category of service they offer
  • Service Providers may choose the price per hour or other designated rate until for their services
  • Service Providers will list the service offered by freeform title and description
  • Service Providers will list details on how they will deliver the service
Easily add services
Verified and non-verified reviews

Verified & Non-verified Reviews

  • Each user may collect verified and unverified reviews
  • Verified reviews are received after a booking occurs through the marketplace via a unique link
  • Verified reviews have a check icon next to the reviewers name
  • All reviews contribute to the users overall rating
  • Service Providers and Service Seekers may both collect reviews
  • Reviews may be collected as both a 5 star rating and free form text box
  • Non-verified reviews may be collected at anytime by users and non users
  • Non-verified reviews may be requested by users – they may attach their email address book or post on Facebook, Google, or Twitter to request reviews
  • Non-verified reviews contribute to overall rating but do not have a check mark


  • Offered as daily or hourly
  • Allows for user to see availability per service
  • Allows Service Provider to block out what days they are unavailable
  • Allows date and time to be associated with each booking
  • Modifications in date and time allowed in booking process
  • Once both sides confirmed the calendar will block out the now unavailable time slot
Checkout process

Checkout Process

  • Buyer sends request to hire, with our without a time associated
  • Service Provider either accepts, revises, or declines the request
  • Payment requested only after all parties agree to terms

Make Purchases With Ease

  • Users may make purchases with credit cards
  • Users have the ability to store credit cards
  • Payment processing occurs through a third-party processor – either Braintree Payments or Stripe
  • If purchasing multiple services at once, one payment is collected from the buyer
Make Purchase
We allow you to put the power in the buyers hands too

Users may post what projects or jobs they are in search of

  • Searching may be broken into overall project, and specific items associated with project
  • This “in search of section” may be accessed in the buyers dashboard and modified or removed at any time
  • Service providers may apply to each individual job as they qualify
  • Service providers will get an automated email if their specific service matches a category requested in the marketplace
  • Specifics of the buyer’s request may relate to price, timeframe and scope of the service they need fulfilled
Users May Post What Projects Or Jobs they are in search of
Matching Service Providers

Matching service providers will be notified of service seekers requests (Internal Algorithms)

  • Automatically match services that buyers are searching for with major category of items that service providers have listed for sale in the marketplace
  • Notification are sent to the service providers with matching a category via email
  • Service providers with services offered in that desired category also have a “match” notification in their dashboard

Buyers and Service Providers agree on terms

  • Service providers have the ability to offer services directly to buyers searching for a that service via the internal messaging system
  • Service providers will include necessary photos and details of the their expertise through that message
  • Buyers may accept the service offering if the specifications and details meet what they are searching for
  • Buyers may decline the service offering
  • Buyers may revise the service offering and update pricing, details or delivery date
Buyers and service providers agree on terms
Automated emails

Automated Emails

  • Emails may be modified at any time by the site administrator
  • Client constructs design and content for emails, marketplace sets the triggers that sends them
  • Website includes automated emails when standard actions occur in the marketplace for all items listed below
  • New user welcome
  • Password reset
  • Message received
  • Item sold
  • Item matched
  • Item shipped
  • Review Request
  • Money Exchanged

Included Pages and Links

  • Landing Page
  • Terms of service/ Privacy Policy
  • Linked Blog
  • Marketplace social media links
  • About us or Why us
Included Pages and links

Included Social API’s

  • Social sharing to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest available on each item listed – pushing to those platforms
  • Social logins through Google and Facebook available at registration


  • Desktop, tablet and mobile responsive via the Internet Browser
  • Site attaches client owned domain
Admin Capabilities

Admin Capabilities

  • Update text, images, and colors on landing page, registration and login page
  • Provide Logo and social media links
  • Access to update, remove, or add categories, subcategories, and tags
  • View users and export based on filters
  • Impersonate users to help with tech support or read messages
  • Delete users if in violation of policies
  • Locations users may enter the site
  • Update emails
  • Write required questions in regards to each category for sale in the marketplace
  • Rate units
  • View sign up metrics by day
  • Export users at any time
We can add any Additional Features you want. Here are just a few ask about your unique feature to get a price quote.

Mobile App – Geo Locating (like Uber) – SMS Notifications

Video Conferencing – Connecting other Software APIs