Why don’t we use our client’s marketplaces for marketing and sales purposes?

Great question. Firstly, we have confidentiality clauses in place with all our clients to protect not only their specific idea, but also any custom features/flows they thought up. Since we do build outside of the box, most clients have something unique and innovative that they want to keep proprietary. Often you may use a marketplace and think “how did they do that?” or “that was really cool, I want my marketplace to have that feature.” Those are great to bring to us when we build your project, but we do not want that idea to stem from using one of our client sites.

We also produce 100% white label sites, so our name and branding will be nowhere on your site or in your domain.

Lastly, we provide a massive shortcut to getting a multi-vendor site created, as that’s the only thing we build and we are good at it. If a prospect sees a client site that they love, function and/or vertical wise, and ask for the same thing, we’d be in a tough ethical position. We potentially could put our own entrepreneurs out of business if we give the exact same site to another entrepreneur. It’s a slippery area, so we decided to avoid it all together.

Can I see examples of your work?

Of course. Our process is to schedule a quick consultation to first find out the scope of your project. This is a discover/meet and greet call to find out what you want to build, how soon you want it, what it will cost you to get it put together by us, and who would be the best person to handle your process. Not everyone is a good fit for us, and not everyone thinks we’re the best fit for them. We can typically dive in and find that out on this call.

If we are a good fit then we schedule a customized presentation. During this time you will see examples of buyer and seller experience, admin capabilities, and standard front end design examples. The best part is, we don’t have to disclose client names or verticals during this time, so it’s truly a win win situation for everyone.

How do clients get their sites built if they don’t know exactly what they want?

We first start with example sites they like the functionality of. The vertical doesn’t matter, but if you like the flow of a site, we can start there.

Typically clients have a list of required features, whether they are “want to have” or “must have,” there is typically some foundation there. From those we can cross reference with our basic features (feature list tab above), and decide what the cost will be for each customized piece.

At that time we will be able to recommend easier/simpler ways to meet goals if we know of some. Often times this is a way to save clients thousands of dollars, because chances are good we will have a solution on how to execute your goals through a marketplace utilizing the software we’ve already constructed.

If you don’t have anything written down yet, this might be a good time to do so. Since we aim to build you a product that fits your idea, it’s nice to have a basis for what that idea is.

If not, we can simply provide you a marketplace with just the included features and you may fit your idea into our existing framework. Each client is uniquely different, we want to make sure we can cater to all types.


Are any projects too big or too small?

No way, our developers have already built for the U.S. Government and notable Fortune 500 companies like Hello Kitty, gaming applications, AMD, and Nokia to name a few.

We also can start your business off small with fewer, but important features to make sure the user experience is just as good as the experience with a more robust site.

Schedule a meeting

How do I schedule a phone call to ask more questions?

Book a 30-minute consultation here and we will call you at your requested time. Feel free to ask us anything!

If you’re interested in working with a company that never talks to you and you run your marketplace 100% on your own, we probably aren’t the best fit. We truly enjoy the relationship we have with clients, and we do provide quite a bit of support.