Standard Features Included

Rental Home Page

  • Home page has zip code location and date search
  • Homepage has two call to actions to get users to sign up to post rental items or search for items they wish to rent
  • Text and images are all editable by site admin within this template
  • Quick 123 explanation on how the site works editable by site admin
  • Button colors determined by site admin
  • Limited Navigation bar button control and text editability by site admin

Social Registration or Simple Sign Up

  • Users may register in the marketplace with an email and password, or may choose to use social login data through Facebook or Google
  • Users are only required to give email, password, display name, and location in order to use the site
  • Registration page may be required either before browsing, or when they are ready to make a purchase
  • Image, text and button color are editable on this page


  • All users will be able to browse the site based on the following criteria
  • Location
  • Category
  • Subcategories
  • Tags
  • Items users are in search of
  • Keywords
  • Price Range


  • Google Maps API integration
  • Allows users to register multiple rentals in multiple locations – if applicable
  • Allows location of each rental to ping on the map with the approximate location of the listing
  • Locations may be restricted or open in the marketplace, depending on the site admin’s goals

Rental User Profile

  • Each item or service for rent are listed individually and separately
  • Each item or service for rent has a designated calendar for availability
  • Each item or service for rent has a specific rate per day
  • Any media associated including images, PDF’s, or video links are viewable by potential buyers
  • Each item or service for rent will have associated subcategories and tags as determined by the service provider
  • Reviews will be collected per item or service rented, and are viewable by all users
  • Buyer is able to instantly book for open days, or request to book a longer duration at the buyers will
  • Buyer can message the renter if they have additional questions, before or during the booking
  • Location data is available for all items or services offered for rent


  • Messaging system to allow for conversations and inquiries inside the marketplace
  • Personal Contact details are hidden from users to keep users inside the marketplace
  • Once rental is confirmed by both parties and funded, relevant personal details are released in order to do business
  • New messages prompt the inbox to reflect an unopened message

User’s DashBoard

  • User profiles accessed by individual email and password
  • Users will manage their own display name and full contact details
  • Users manage profile picture and all media associated with each rental offered
  • All users will be able to add items or services for rent, or make bookings for rentals in the marketplace
  • All users have access to current and past transactions and history
  • Users manage funding details for how they are paid
  • All users may create a post that lists an item or service they are in search of for rental purposes
  • All users have access to the messaging functions
  • All users may manage subscriptions and upgrade or downgrade at any time (if subscription model is implemented – extra charge associated)

Easily Add Rentals

  • Service Providers may add items or services they are offering to rent
  • Service Providers may add photos, video links, or PDF’s to showcase their rental item or service
  • Service Providers will select from site administrators predetermined categories, subcategories and tagging to list their rental offering
  • Service Providers will also be required to answer site admin determined questions per category per rental they offer
  • Service Providers may choose the price per day for their item or service that is offered for rent
  • Service Providers will list the service offered by freeform title and description
  • Service Providers will list details on how they will deliver the service

Verified & Non-verified Reviews

  • Each user may collect verified and unverified reviews
  • Verified reviews are received after a booking occurs through the marketplace via a unique link
  • Verified reviews have a check icon next to the reviewers name
  • All reviews contribute to the users overall rating
  • All items or services for rent will have a specific rating
  • Reviews may be collected as both a 5 star rating and free form text box
  • Non-verified reviews may be collected at anytime by users and non users
  • Non-verified reviews may be requested by users – they may attach their email address book or post on Facebook, Google, or Twitter to request reviews
  • Non-verified reviews contribute to overall rating but do not have a check mark

Rental Calendar

  • Allows the buyer to select the date range they want to rent for
  • Allows the Service Provider to block out unavailable days
  • Ability to instant book unavailable days not permitted
  • Users have the ability to message service providers or request a quote to inquire about days that are blocked off as unavailable
  • Fees calculated on a per day rate for total length of rental

Daily Calendar

  • Allows for booking by 12/24 hour blocks
  • Price is associated per day
  • Availability per rental shown on a per day basis

Checkout Process Rentals

  • Buyer makes reservation for days they wish to rent
  • Buyer pays for reservation at time of rental
  • Provider receives email notification of rental confirmation
  • Provider then may confirm and approve, decline, or contact if they have any discrepancies
  • Site admin may pay Service Provider if approved, or refund if booking isn’t approved

Cleaning fee

  • Allows for each service provider to input an additional cleaning fee on top of daily or nightly price
  • The fee is added to the total rental price

Make Rental Purchase

  • Users may make purchases with credit cards
  • Users make one payment for the entire rental
  • Users have the ability to store credit cards
  • Payment processing occurs through a third party processor – Stripe Connect

Power in buyer's hands

Users may post what they are in search of

  • Searching may be broken into overall project reason, and specific items or services associated with project
  • This “in search of section” may be accessed in the buyers dashboard and modified or removed at any time
  • Service providers may apply to each individual item or service they can fulfill the need for
  • Sellers will get an automated email if their item or service matches the buyers request
  • Specifics of the buyer’s request may relate to price, when they need the item by, and details of the item they are in search of
  • Items or services users are in search of match based on the overall category

Internal Algorithms

  • Automatically match items or services that buyers are searching for with the major category of items that service providers have listed for rent in the marketplace
  • Notification are sent to the service providers whose rentals include a matching category via email
  • Service providers with services offered in that desired category also have a “match” notification in their dashboard

Buyers and Renters agree on terms

  • Service providers have the ability to offer rentals directly to buyers searching for a rental via the internal messaging system
  • Service providers will include necessary photos and details of their rental through that message
  • Buyers may accept the rental offering if the specifications and details meet what they are searching for
  • Buyers may decline the service offering
  • Buyers may revise the service offering and update pricing, details or date needed by

Automated Emails

  • Site includes automated emails when actions occur in the marketplace for: welcome, password reset, message received, rental booked, rental item shipped or booking occurring, offer received, payment request, item or service match, order canceled

  • Client provides logo and some design and content for emails, MPB sets the triggers

Included Pages and Links

  • Landing Page
  • Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
  • Linked Blog – integrated blog subject to an additional charge
  • Marketplace social media links
  • About us or Why us

Monetization Methods

  • Transaction Model included with Stripe Connect – allows for % of transaction to be taken from each rental
  • Preferred Processor, Stripe Connect allows for transaction fee to be taken before seller is paid
  • Subscription or Membership, Custom or Native Ads, Featured Users or Products, Buying fees available (all subject to additional charge)

Included Social API’s

  • Social sharing to Facebook and Twitter available on each item service for rent – pushing to those platforms
  • Social logins through Google and Facebook available at user registration
  • Google Maps for ease of location management

Admin Capabilities

  • Images and text on landing page
  • Front end wording and images within the template provided
  • Images and text on registration and login page
  • Location data for registration or for items or services for rent
  • Creates categories, subcategories, and tags
  • All marketing and sales messaging to users
  • Selects rate units offered
  • Manages automated email content
  • User database with filtering and exporting capabilities
  • Ability to view, impersonate, or delete users


  • Desktop, tablet and mobile responsive via the Internet browser on all devices