Service Marketplace Framework

These are the notable outcomes with a client on our service framework.

Aggregator meets Marketplace

We worked with this client to build an expedia like aggregator type experience to fuse that inside of marketplace technology for optimal performance in this specific vertical. Sometimes the framework isn’t a cinderella fit to a traditional marketplace, and there is a lot of customization required, we’ve done that with this specific client to reach success.

Video Game Experience

Creating a video game type experience makes the experience using the marketplace all the more fun, and easy. From how the buttons are clicked, to the path the user takes – the more fun it appears the higher the dollar spend per user ends up being.

Quality Rating System

Intuitive rating system that will accurately depict how quality a service provider actually is based on the user experience within the marketplace. Sometimes third party review sites can attract non credible reviews so the marketplace maintains its own system that tracks purchases made through the marketplace and allows those buyers to review those that provided them service.

Dynamic Calendars Available

Dynamic calendars can be created depending on the needs of the marketplace. Often times a static one dimensional calendar just won’t work and creating time slots in the short or long term is the best solution. This customer thrives off a complex, but simple to use calendar to help all parties manage their schedule efficiently.

Assistance with project management and strategies

We can offer additional services monthly if needed.

Project Management Assistance

We worked directly with the client and operated as a project manager to create the entire front end of this marketplace from day one. The customer came to us with detailed insight in their industry and we directly applied it to the best way to operate a marketplace with that data. We built the front end from the ground up and attached all the functionality behind the beautiful design.

API Integrations

For this customer we were able to build a scraping tool to pull data from a public, non profit site to pull via API to this customers also non profit site in an effort to organize all the data in the vertical in one single location. This not only improved outdated government inefficiencies, it also is helping to bridge much needed connections in the medical world. While many marketplaces can be used to make a lot of money, many are also used in the nonprofit space to save lives.

Rental Framework

Some cool benefits we built for this rental customer.

Work Smarter Not Harder

When bootstrapping a marketplace the most valuable variable is time. Anytime we can build software to automate manual systems or work independently of the customer, we are happy to help. Often the key to successful marketplaces is working smarter not harder.

Loyalty Incentives

Working with creative customers is always enjoyable, as we’ve had the opportunity to create loyalty programs in some of our marketplaces. Making the buyer feel valued and that their purchase will pay off later (think Airline Miles) is a great way to keep user satisfaction high, as well as getting them to return to spend more money. Often even small discounts truly go a long way. Marketplaces that are born into a competitive field always need something to differentiate them and set them apart, otherwise there is no reason to choose them over the competition.

Diffusing Situations before Escalation

Additional benefits with loyalty (that you’ll find on leading marketplaces like AirBnb or Amazon) is creating a no fault environment, and saving the user time. If a buyer is complaining about a $10 overage and the marketplace owner has a way to build buy in by awarding them the $10 (and also not hassling the service provider) that truly creates a win win environment and keeps users coming back.

Product Marketplace

Product Marketplaces can get creative with many enhancements, some notable ones featured below.

How do you shop?

By enhancing the browsing experience based on the marketplace vertical, this can increase the shopping experience and speed to find exactly what the buyer might need. This creative freedom is something we embrace and are able to build per customer per marketplace.

Add Automated Data Feeds

Once the marketplace really starts to take off there are many cool features that can be added to increase sales. This customer implemented newest items, recently viewed, and most purchased feeds to show other users what people were buying. This creates a purchasing impulse that evokes the buyer to want to buy what others are buying – because they assume the original buyer knows something they do not. In competitive, niche marketplaces this can really make sellers quite a bit of money – which of course also means money for the marketplace.