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Additional sign up fields

Get additional information from your users by adding custom fields to the sign-up form. The most common use of custom fields is to verify users or to gather user data for marketing campaigns.


Additional Sign Up Fields

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Sign Up/ Login Flow – Provider Fields

Require users to identify whether they’re a seller or a buyer at sign up.


Users who are selling or providing services will select the provider checkbox on the main sign up page.


Users who select the provider checkbox are directed to the next custom page where they are asked provider related follow up questions. These questions can be customized to fit your brand requirements.




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Email activate

Your marketplace includes a default welcome email that is automatically sent to users upon sign up.


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Sign Up w/ Create Listing Steps

Streamline your user onboarding process by combining user sign up and listing creation. Requiring this information from the start can be useful to verify users.




Example 1 – Long form



Example 2 – Short form w/ “next” button

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Create a custom onboarding flow with easy to follow steps. This ensures that users complete all necessary info by guiding them through the process.


steps 3.png


steps 2.png


steps on custom features.jpg




Here’s an example of a one-page style instead of separate steps:


Screen Shot 2020-04-15 at 2.38.32 PM.png


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Few specific questions

Get additional information from your users by adding custom fields to the sign up form. The most common use of custom fields is to verify users, or to gather user data for marketing campaigns.


Additional Signup Details

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Add a layer of security by requiring users to sign important documents in order to access your site. Includes integration with DocuSign.


NDA modal

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Sign up and login horizontal layout

Updates the sign up and login page layout by placing the fields side by side.

Horizontal Login


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Custom login (moving company)

This custom login page was designed for marketplaces offering moving services but can be adapted to fit your brand.


Custom Login Page

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Parent-child relationship

We can create parent-child account relationships to group accounts together based on your business needs.

The below example illustrates a parent-child relationship where the company is the parent account and the child accounts are the employees.




The child (employee) accounts are linked to the company and visible in the company’s profile.




The child (employee) selects the parent (company) account to link the accounts.




Child account profile




Another example of a parent-child relationship is a farmer’s market as the parent account and participating farmers as the child accounts.


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Sign up to purchase pop up

Make your marketplace exclusive to members only by requiring users to sign up or log in in order to make purchases. New users will be required to upload verification documents to be reviewed by the admin.




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Single sign-on (SSO)

Single sign-on (SSO) enables users to securely log into multiple applications and websites with just one login. Businesses can link their users from their website to the marketplace using their existing user logins.


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Sign up with discount code

Include a field within the sign up form where users can enter a discount code to apply to their subscription.




Discount is applied at checkout.


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Verify your identity

Requires sellers or providers to upload either a background check, certificate or ID in order to sign up or create a listing.




Add additional fields like certification expiration date that the user is required to fill out in order to proceed.


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Fixed search at the navbar

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