Upgrade Customizations

We provide marketplaces in the Service, Product, Rental Space or a combination of them. No matter what flow you are seeking, we can customize and add onto the framework anyway you’d like. Here are only a few customizations we offer. If you don’t see your unique feature want don’t worry just ask our marketplace experts. If don’t have it we will make it for you.

Custom features

Explainer Video on Homepage

Site admin may create an explainer video to be placed on the landing page to explain the concept of the marketplace

Online ecommerce Marketplace

Sponsored Ads

Allows a business or individual to purchase top banner spots to list a header, description and image with customized URL as an ad.

Marketplace Software Features

Featured Users

A paid spot for a product or user to be featured at the top of the browse page

marketplace management software

Credits or Promotions

Allows marketplace to offer discounts or coupons.

Reoccurring Weekly Events Calendar

Allows a service seeker to book a service provider at a certain time on specified days of the week, each week. Allows payments to also be made weekly.

marketplace builder software

Daily Calendar

Allows a person to book per day with an optional check in our out time.

Rental Marketplace Features

Hourly Calendar

Allows service provider to designate what hours they are available, and service seekers to request a booking based on specific hours and days.

Rental Calendar

Allows for designated days to be blocked per rental booking to allow for possible shipping or delivery delays associated with the rental

Online Rental Marketplace

Interactive Map on Homepage

Allows for an interactive map with all service providers listed and denoted with a pin on the front landing page

Downloadable files or ebooks

Allows files to be added at product upload and delivered only after purchase

Credit Card Number Storage

Allows for the user to save cards to select for later purchases

Service Radius Designation

Allows for the service professional to designate a zip code and mile radius surrounding to attract only those seekers that are in their area

Visitor Page Counter

Keeps track of visitors on each page for lifetime, daily or weekly

Free Tagging

Allows the seller or service provider to associate whatever tag they’d like to their item so that others may later also select that tag to associate with their product or service offered

Location Addition by User

Allows a user anywhere in the world to log in to the site to become a user

Marketplace Sellers

User Verification

Requires the site administrator to verify those users that wish to sell products or offer services

Automatically Expiring Products or Services

Allows for a timeframe to be associated with items that will auto delete after that designated time

Online ecommerce Marketplace

Mass Uploader Tool

Allows for mass importing of product details with specific fields to the type of marketplace

Google Analytics

Integration of clients own tracking ID into marketplace pages

marketplace website development

Set Meet Up locations

Allows for an address to be entered if item is to be picked up – address only released after payment is made

Add on Items

Allows for additional products or services to be added on at checkout

Deposit Capabilities

Permits the option to temporarily authorize a deposit in the case of damaged or unreturned items

online service marketplace

SMS Notifications

Allows for SMS notifications in addition to email notifications for specific actions to increase user engagement


To create engagement of users in a marketplace, and so users may get questions answered

Parent > Child Database

Allows for companies to have representatives underneath the parent company as individual users accessed by unique login and password

Wish List

Section to allow shoppers to add items that they wish to purchase later

Seller Management

Recently Viewed or Most Popular Item Feeds

Feeds along the browse and product pages that track the users activity to reflect items they’ve viewed the most or that others have viewed the most

multi seller marketplace

Captcha Requirement

To require a captcha to sign up to prevent bots from signing up fake accounts

Product Approval by Admin

Requires admin approval for each product, and allows admin to require modification

Booking Fee

A fee the marketplace collects and charges the buyer during the booking process

Donate Button

Allows anyone to donate to the marketplace, registered users or otherwise

Label Creator for USPS

Allows sellers to print a label instantly after purchases are made

Marketplace software platform

Looping Photos Homepage

Allows for the main cover photo to rotate between an assortment of images

Currency Creation

Marketplace will establish a currency and users will earn and redeem that currency inside the marketplace

Mobile App

Built per store (iOS, Android, Google) and available after the site is created

Site Controlled Inventory

Requires users to input an amount of items when uploading products to keep track of sales and prevent overselling out of stock items

marketplace platform

Watermarks on Users Photos

Allows for site to establish watermark that is added to the photos added in the marketplace at the sellers discretion to prevent illegal downloads

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Allows users to bid on items posted on the marketplace.

Search By Zip Code Location

Allows users to search by zip codes.

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Custom Bio

Allows user to set up custom biography associated with that particular user

Plus many more. Request your demo now for more information.