VIP Section

What client’s receive
You get a full service tech team to build and maintain your marketplace from start to finish, and on a day to day basis as the marketplace grows.

How clients are supported
You have full control of what goes into the marketplace. Fully dedicated and knowledgeable team to offer insight and advice, as well as execute anything asked, anytime.

How this helps client’s businesses
Eliminate unnecessary opportunity cost of having your IT staff bogged down with software installations and updates

Companies that have featured or used our technologies

Capable of integrating any and all APIs
  • We integrate any API requested, possibilities are endless with integrations. Furthermore, our dedicated team constantly maintains the connections at all times, especially after third party softwares initiate updates.
A truly unique partnership
  • Provide expert customer support and are available when you need us. We aren’t an internal part of your company, but you will feel as if you can rely on us as if we were. We aim to keep our communication constant and clear as we have top of the line resources.
Client’s focus on their own area of expertise
  • MPB focuses on 100% of security, updates, performance, and scaling. Where client’s start day one and where they will be in month six should be drastically different, so we ensure we’re on top of their growth to maintain server speed and space no matter how quickly our clients scale.
More cost effective solution
  • Whether an internal or external marketplace - let the software automate processes that currently are done manually by paid staff. Overall reducing operating costs to propel a reduction strategy for employee spending, and gives a competitive advantage to invest money in other areas of the business.
Faster go to market implementation.
  • When compared against a slow custom build from scratch, clients may begin adding users and data much faster while still having the flexibility to request customizations in both functionality, as well as the look and feel from front end design.
The power of marketplaces internal algorithm
  • Truly helps the business with ROI by automating engagement and notifications, which ultimately increases spending and interacting inside the marketplace by all users.
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