Enterprise Clients

Initial Build

We will provide you with a dedicated development team to execute your initial build. Your Project Manager will meet with you bi-weekly during Discovery + Design to clarify your vision and guide you through the design process with your graphic designer, after which you will meet with your Project Manager and members from your development team weekly to discuss the progress made and next steps for the build and upcoming launch of your marketplace.

On-going Development Partnership

Partnership Packages give you the flexibility to choose the level of hosting, support, maintenance. and development that fit your marketplace after your initial build. Many clients elect to retain their entire team after the V.1 launch to continue to improve the current version and begin the Discovery + Design phase for V.2 and some clients take a break between builds to gather data and we have a package to accommodate both.

Hosting + Support

Your marketplace will be hosted on your own dedicated server and database to support your customizations and improve speed. We charge a flat hosting and support rate and you will elect which level of development you will need on a monthly basis and we revisit the commitment level every 3 months to assess if you need more or less hours for your marketplace. Support will be provided by your dedicated developer and project manager.

Step 1

Discovery + Design

  • We work with you to understand the full scope of your functional requirements, priorities, and design preferences in order to provide detailed estimates for your custom feature development, generate strategy, and produce a timeline for launch.

Step 2

Build + Test

  • Our collaborative platform is the hub of communication for your project providing full transparency into the work being executed. Our team will rigorously test the marketplace from end to end helping to ensure a smooth launch.

Step 3

Launch + Support

  • Our team will work with you to manage the successful, on-time launch of your marketplace and have your developer on hand and ready to address any issues that may arise.

Step 4

Analyze + Strategize

  • We will setup the analytics and KPI’s most critical to marketplace success, and include tracking for the metrics most important to you. After launch we gather user data to analyze with you to improve the current version and to strategize subsequent versions

Learn more about our Enterprise Packages

  • Capable of integrating any and all APIs: We integrate any API requested, possibilities are endless with integrations. Furthermore, our dedicated team constantly maintains the connections at all times, especially after third party softwares initiate updates.
  • A truly unique partnership: Provide expert customer support and are available when you need us. We aren’t an internal part of your company, but you will feel as if you can rely on us as if we were. We aim to keep our communication constant and clear as we have top of the line resources.
  • Client’s focus on their own area of expertise: MPB focuses on 100% of security, updates, performance, and scaling. Where client’s start day one and where they will be in month six should be drastically different, so we ensure we’re on top of their growth to maintain server speed and space no matter how quickly our clients scale.
  • More cost effective solution: Whether an internal or external marketplace – let the software automate processes that currently are done manually by paid staff. Overall reducing operating costs to propel a reduction strategy for employee spending, and gives a competitive advantage to invest money in other areas of the business.
  • Faster go to market implementation: When compared against a slow custom build from scratch, clients may begin adding users and data much faster while still having the flexibility to request customizations in both functionality, as well as the look and feel from front end design.
  • The power of marketplaces internal algorithm: Truly helps the business with ROI by automating engagement and notifications, which ultimately increases spending and interacting inside the marketplace by all users.