My MarketPlace Builder is based in Austin, TX and has built our own product from scratch. We have a full development team that is adding to our core foundation every day.

We deliver a turnkey marketplace for a fraction of the cost to build it from scratch, by using our own proprietary product foundation as a massive short cut. Pricing is anywhere from 1-10% of the cost to build your product from scratch.

We can deliver sites at such a low cost because of our advanced library of features we’ve already created. Your unique project will require a specific combination of those features put together to create your individual marketplace powerhouse.

We can customize and build any unique feature you can think up.

Often that piece is what will make your idea independently successful, so we love working with entrepreneurs that think outside the box.

Whether you’re looking to build a MVP/Version 1 marketplace, or already have the users and foundation to start at Version 5, we’re a one stop shop. We provide all the staff for the development side of your business, so you don’t need to have a CTO/tech team.

We do sometimes work with companies that already have those positions filled, but for the most part, we are all the tech team members you need.

Since we do have a full staff, we are able to push out new versions or new features much quicker than if you are starting out and don’t have a fully stacked development team.

Other reasons we are a great choice is for our customer support aspect. Getting your marketplace built is just one small piece of running a successful marketplace empire, so rest assured we’re here to help all along the way. While we won’t be able to do your accounting or marketing for you, we definitely have advice all along the way, or an extensive list of partners we can connect you with. We get a lot of first time marketplace owners, so we have plenty of marketplace expertise to offer.

This can be everything from, how to make more money through the site, to what cool new features you can add to make your site even more cutting edge and competitive.

We work inside your budget. Whether you have a few hundred dollars or $100,000 we will ensure we still provide a turnkey product that will exceed your expectations. We often offer insight on what to build for Version 1 vs waiting for Version 2 and adding to a priority list to keep your initial cost low.

We always recommend adding to the product month over month as you continue to make money. Leading marketplaces like Etsy and AirBnb for instance, have grown substantially since creation as far as functions and features, so scalability and growing at a comfortable pace are always a priority when running a successful business in the marketplace space.