Marketplace Addons Feature

Multi Vendor Marketplace

How do you enhance your customer’s equity, loyalty, and engagement while simultaneously increasing your marketplace transaction value (the average amount a customer spends on your site)? Is that even possible, you may ask? With our Marketplace Addons Items feature, it totally is!

At one point in our lives, we’ve likely fallen victim to the temptation of the candy strategically placed right in front of our faces when checking out at the grocery store. Or how about the classic question, “Do you want fries with that?”. These are examples of a classic marketing strategy known as cross-selling and can be just as effective on rental, service, and product marketplace sites.

Our Marketplace Addons Items feature allows your sellers or service/rental providers to offer additional items that users can add to their original purchase or booking. For example, say I’m listing a beach house for rent; I can also add bikes, inflatables, boats, water sports equipment, for a daily rental fee. The customer will be able to select which additional add-on items they’d like and continue with their booking.  They get a more robust, satisfying experience and you receive additional revenue!

Check out how it works in the video below:

Increase your transaction value, overall revenue, and conversion rates while also improving the overall customer experience by including our Add-On Items feature for a one-time fee of $450.

Just send us an email at and let us know that you want to add it to your marketplace. Click here to check out some of the other awesome upgrades and features!