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The world’s most customizable marketplace software. Easy to use with zero need for developers.

Fully Customize Your Marketplace

Join over 1,000+ businesses that use My Marketplace Builder to power their marketplaces.

Customize your marketplace, your way

Design your marketplace, publish content, manage users, and track transactions — all in one platform.

Multiple ways to make money

Generate revenue from your marketplace by charging for listings or selling top banner ad spots.

Want an app? Even better

Create a responsive mobile or desktop app for your marketplace. Book a call with us to learn more.

Android & iOS

Use our virtual marketplace platform to create a responsive and fast Amazon-like mobile app for your marketplace.

Web & desktop

Easily deploy a web or desktop app that focuses on providing guests with relevant information.

Grow faster, with special features and add ons

Send emails that actually engage. All our email templates were specificially designed with real-world usability in mind.

Minimalistic dashboards, maximum control

Our simple and intuitive dashboards gives you and your users complete control over everything that happens in your marketplace. Perfectly equipped with everything you need. Works flawlessly on all devices.

User Submisions

Let site visitors create business listings, leave reviews and more

Location based search

Visitors can get search results based on the zip code and mile radius specified

Collect payments easily

Accept payments online in real time, globally or locally

Secure Hosting

Enjoy fast and scalable hosting, advanced security, and much more

What our users are saying...

"The support team is amazing. They are very helpful and friendly."

Guy Hawkins

"I was blown away by the custom features that were tailored to match my needs."

Jerome Bell

"The My Marketplace Builder team helped me build my vision from the ground up."

Eleanor Pena

"By far one of the easiest to use marketplace platforms."

Robert Fox


24/7 real-time

Our Client Support team is the most responsive among several marketplace builders. We’re always available to help 24/7, including holidays.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our clients appreciate our responsive, helpful, and knowledgeable support more than anything else. As a Visualize or Optimize client, you’ll have easy access to our support team via email and the help center. Custom clients will have direct phone and email access along with a dedicated project manager.

Absolutely. You’ll have access to the same dev team that built the entire platform from scratch, so there are no limits to the customizations we can perform for you!

We designed our platform to offer surprisingly flexible and low-tech personalization that allows you to make your marketplace your own without touching a line of code.

Here are a few examples of our code-free customization options:

• Fonts and colors
• Full landing page personalization
• Header and footer links
• Logo and favicon
• Setup of your registration, login, contact, and about pages
• Structuring your own categories, subcategories, and tags
• Creating custom questions for vendors to answer
• Writing your FAQs
• Editing wording to match your marketplace brand
• Setting up automated emails for registrations, orders, password changes, and more

When it comes to building, customizing, launching, managing, and growing an online marketplace, My Marketplace Builder gives you everything you need! You’ll need additional platforms and tools for other business functions such as payment processing, accounting, and marketing.

Never! One simple monthly payment includes everything you need to launch a slick, 100% white-label marketplace loaded with billion-dollar marketplace features. You’ll know exactly what you’re getting for that monthly payment, and we’ll never surprise you with hidden costs. And you won’t have to pay more as your business flourishes. Whether you have 1 user or 1 million users—and whether you process $1 or $1 million—your payment stays the same.

My Marketplace Builder allows you to build, customize, and launch your marketplace in minutes—while giving you easy access to an in-house dev team with dedicated project management so we can grow with you. This is the unique advantage that sets My Marketplace Builder apart: We have the capacity to meet you exactly where you are NOW–and take you where you want to go!

Some DIYers wonder if they can build a cheap (or free) marketplace by assembling a stack of themes, plugins, and integrations on WordPress or Wix. Unfortunately, this approach usually ends up costing more—and almost always ends up being exhaustingly complicated and time-consuming. The best way to bring your vision to life while minimizing your costs is to use an out-of-the-box marketplace builder backed by an in-house customization team for limitless scalability.

For custom clients, we can show live examples to help you easily identify the functionality you want. You can also start with a list of features, which can include both “want-to-have” and “must-have” features. Sometimes we can recommend easier or simpler ways to achieve the same goals, which often save our clients thousands of dollars.

We’ve been 100% focused on marketplaces since 2016, and we’re not slowing down! We’re dedicated to offering you the security and stability of an established company with a proven in-house development team, experienced project management, and an exceptional support department.

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