Featured Products and Users

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Did you hear that Facebook raked in 9.32 Billion in their second quarter of 2017!?!  As a free social site, how can they do that?  Simple, Ad Revenue. By offering their business users Boosted posts, Ads, Featured Products, and Sponsored Content, Facebook continues to be a global giant.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to harness that same power in your marketplace? Well, you can!

With our Featured Products/Users feature your product vendors or service providers can pay to give their product or service profile VIP status at the top of the browse page of your marketplace. The featured item or user is emphasized with special gold framing and the word “Featured” visible to all users. Talk about claiming the spotlight!

featured userThe real VIP will be you because you’re not only making extra money anytime your vendors or service providers purchase a featured spot, you’re also helping them drive sales. Everyone wins!

Relevant Solutions

Next to your Landing Page, your Browse Page is likely the second most viewed page on your marketplace. It’s the page where visitors start exploring products and/or services that are offered on your marketplace. However, not all visitors enter a website knowing exactly what they’re after. Maybe they’re in search of a math tutor or a reliable pet sitter; maybe they’re looking for hiking gear or the perfect gift for someone special. Either way, featuring products or users on your browse page helps guide visitors and provides them with relevant solutions. featured products

This feature also benefits your vendors who may be having trouble selling a specific item or your service provider who just isn’t getting hired. Their chances of selling the item or getting hired is much greater when they’re showcased on your browse page and more visible to potential buyers.

Your marketplace and your sellers can benefit from our Featured Products/ Users upgrade for a one-time fee of $250. All you need to do is just send us an email and let us know that you want to add it!

Check out the video below (Click here if video is not loading):