by admin July 25th, 2021

How a Marketplace Plays a Role in an eCommerce Business

The Internet has become an essential part of our lives now. Gone are those days when businesses were completely operated offline. The moment when the internet got involved in our day-to-day activities, people started looking for products and services online. Businesses started shifting to online platforms and published eCommerce business websites. With the evolution of digital marketing, shifting to an online platform doesn’t fulfill the business goals. When you are into selling something, it becomes mandatory to have an eCommerce to strengthen your online presence. But alongside you need to utilize online marketplaces to ensure not to miss any potential opportunity to earn profit. 

What is an eCommerce marketplace?

The eCommerce marketplace is an online platform (an app or website) where multiple vendors, shops, and individuals flash their products for sale. The owner of the marketplace takes care of the advertising and transaction parts and third-party vendors are responsible for manufacturing and shipping. 

Marketplace plays a significant role for eCommerce businesses in many ways. It helps sellers to reduce their costs and makes the operation process easier. At the same time, customers feel safe transacting on marketplaces platforms and believe in finding the best deals. This also leads to benefits for the sellers.  

Below are some of the benefits a marketplace provides to an eCommerce business:

1. Boosts sales

A marketplace drives more footfalls than a random website can. Users spend more time on the marketplace platform which results in a purchase of products. Users may come to the platform without any intention of buying but after exploring products they may end up buying any of the products. This process is difficult for stand-alone websites. Marketplace boosts sales of products with more traffic and new customers regularly. 

2. Low start-up cost

An eCommerce marketplaces setup requires less cost than setting up a physical or virtual store. A marketplace has every facility to sell the product and the retailer has to spend for a few. Charges like a monthly subscription to sell products on the marketplace and listing fees are minimal expenses that you have to do. Marketplaces also promote their platforms and there is no need to spend money on promotional activities for your products separately. 

3. Higher conversion rate and improved growth

Marketplaces have a huge number of views and your product’s visibility is of course high when your business is listed on it. If you set up your own website and spend on advertising it regularly, it may not give you the same number of visitors. More visibility results in a high conversion rate and helps your business to grow.

4. Business operations made easy

Listing products on the marketplace helps in easy business operation. Sellers who are on the eCommerce marketplace can ask the marketplace to hold the stock. The overall operation process is taken care of by vendors and the marketplace. Pay a certain amount of fee and enjoy easy and smooth operations.

5. Improves trust level among the buyer

At a time when trust plays a crucial role in any business, users find the marketplace trustworthy than any random business website. When a product is listed under the marketplace, it not only gains user attention but also motivates the buyer to make the transaction. The transaction procedure is way more secure than any other form of payment option. More trustworthiness helps in high sales and revenue earning.

6. Sell beyond territories

A multi-vendor rental marketplace helps the business reach global customers with fewer expenses. As a seller, you have the opportunity to access more potential customers throughout the world. This helps you grow more and earn high sales and revenue.

7. Anytime is business time

When an eCommerce business ties up with a marketplace, they can operate their business round o’clock. No need to stay awake to stay ahead. You can receive orders even when you are not operating. Placing an order to deliver them – everything is taken care of by different vendors which is actually a pro point. 

To conclude

A marketplace is like bliss for an eCommerce business that wants to operate with low cost in an expectation of high return. It is a safe place to perform selling and buying with more security for both the parties- sellers and buyers. 

Rental Marketplace Platforms offer an immense opportunity to the business small or big. It is easy to list your business on a marketplace platform and create a special identity of your own. Providing safe and exceptional shopping options to the end-user not only strengthens your brand name but also returns huge revenue.

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