What Makes a Great Marketplace Client?

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Technology offers bountiful options for just about every part of life, especially when it comes to marketplace platform providers. As the client, you’re not only valued by our team because of your unique vision, but also a representation of what we can build together. As in any relationship or partnership, trust is key. So what makes a great marketplace client? Here are some other significant qualities we at My MarketPlace Builder seek in a client.



This is one of the most important qualities we look for in a client. Without passion, how are you going to commit to all the time and effort that is required to build a successful business?

Passionate clients are eager and excited to talk to us about their marketplace idea, their goals, and their vision. They have taken the time to get to know their audience, know who their competitors are, and how they’ll stand out.  Their energy is contagious and it gets us amped and motivated to work with and for them.



Sometimes passion creates a sense of urgency to get everything started as soon and as quickly as possible, which can be good and bad. We understand this is your dream so we will accomplish it together, however, patience is also an important quality we look for in a client.

A common misconception we encounter at My MarketPlace Builder is that we can take a client’s custom feature requirement list and immediately produce a finished product. While there is a core foundation we build from, a true benefit to working with us is because we are a custom marketplace builder. We get to build each project based on individual client requests so they are all truly unique. It’s important to have a realistic timeline and understand that building your marketplace empire cannot be done overnight. This goes for Version 1-100, we will always do our best to provide an accurate estimate for the delivery time, so please be respectful of that timeline.


Understand Money’s Role

We know every client wants to be able to make money. Whether it’s for-profit, to generate more money to put into the product or to raise money for a charity, everyone has different reasons to want to generate revenue from a marketplace. As your teammate and tech team, we too want you to be successful. Of course, it won’t hurt to be associated with the next big household marketplace name. This partnership is more than a business transaction, as we truly see our clients as our team and often treat them like family. You’re trusting us with money you’ve carefully budgeted to build you a profitable marketplace, so we take the time to outline exactly what you’re paying for, and when payments are due. We don’t like surprises or unannounced charges, and we are great about extending that courtesy to our clients.

No one ever enjoys tense conversations about money, but sometimes they are necessary. A great marketplace client pays on time, knows exactly what they’re paying for, and understands that any features outside of the original agreed-upon scope of work will be an additional cost. It’s very important to establish these monetary parameters early on.



No matter the amount of time spent planning, budgeting, executing, etc, an event can happen that completely changes everything. Whether it’s because of a new competitor in the market, a change in your audience, or a new policy – as a business owner, you have to be adaptable.

The most successful clients, and people in general, leverage these unforeseeable hiccups into opportunities to come up with an even better idea. It’s hard for stubborn people to move forward and advance from change, which makes them difficult and undesirable to work with. This is another added benefit to working with us. No matter where your marketplace starts, we always have the ability to make changes or additions to keep it relevant and user-friendly as these adaptions occur. This is something to expect as an entrepreneur tackling a new niche, and this is part of the fun of being the boss – you’ll make decisions for your company and this will potentially lead to why or why not you are a success when you are. We, of course, will offer advice all along the way, and you have the option to take it or not. Again, we want you to know we are your partner and truly are doing everything possible to help you succeed as quickly as possible.