We are currently experiencing the boom of online marketplaces. With giants like Amazon, Ebay, and Airbnb at the forefront, everyone is finding a way to capitalize on this market.  The time is now for becoming a marketplace[…]

So, what is a marketplace? An online marketplace is a website where products and services are sold by multiple third party suppliers. The operator of the marketplace, the person who controls the site, is responsible for facilitating the[…]

Marketplaces have the power of creating a collaborative community, which is why they’ve become so popular among aspiring entrepreneurs. However, even with the right software, the budget and the best intentions, many marketplaces will unfortunately fail. To[…]

It’s no secret that Advertising is a powerful marketing tool for online businesses; it helps boost sales, drive more traffic and increase brand exposure. With our Sponsored Ads feature, you can provide these benefits to your vendors[…]

How do you enhance your customer’s equity, loyalty and engagement while simultaneously increasing your marketplace transaction value (the average amount a customer spends on your site)? Is that even possible, you may ask? With our Add-On Items[…]

The age old problem every marketplace owner laments is keeping payments inside your marketplace. Building a profitable online marketplace requires the right payment structure to form the foundation of how your platform functions. There is no standard[…]

How great does it feel when you find an app, website or hack that makes your life easier? You can create that same satisfaction and convenience for your sellers by providing workflow tools in your marketplace that[…]

How do you solve the “chicken or the egg problem” inside your online marketplace? Who comes first: buyers or sellers? Now that you’ve decided on an online marketplace niche, how do you start? I mean really, who is going[…]

Web design is one of the most important aspects of your online presence. Help your Landing Page and brand stand out with our Looping Photos design upgrade! Have you ever noticed those rotating images on Amazon’s homepage[…]

We can’t stress the importance of an engaging landing page enough! Our Interactive Landing Page Map provides a visual of all the product vendors, service providers or rental listings available to book on your marketplace. Content features[…]

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