by admin September 15th, 2017

Attracting Users To Your Marketplace

How do you solve the “chicken or the egg problem” when attracting users to your marketplace? Now that you’ve decided on an online marketplace niche, how do you start? I mean really, who is going to sign up first – your buyers or your sellers? You know your idea is great, but all you need […]

by admin September 13th, 2017

Landing Page Looping Photos Feature

Web design is one of the most important aspects of your online presence. Help your Landing Page and brand stand out with our Looping Photos design upgrade! Have you ever noticed those rotating images on Amazon’s homepage during your (daily, weekly, monthly – we’re not judging) online shopping binge? Those are looping photos, also referred […]

by admin September 7th, 2017

Interactive Landing Page Map Feature

Our Interactive Landing Page Map feature provides a visual of all the product vendors, service providers, or rental listings available to book on your marketplace. Content-rich features like this give visitors an instant, concrete piece of information about what type of products or services your marketplace has to offer. You’re essentially eliminating the step of […]

by admin August 22nd, 2017

Featured Products and Users

Did you hear that Facebook raked in 9.32 Billion in their second quarter of 2017!?!  As a free social site, how can they do that?  Simple, Ad Revenue. By offering their business users Boosted posts, Ads, Featured Products, and Sponsored Content, Facebook continues to be a global giant. Wouldn’t it be awesome to harness that […]

by admin August 15th, 2017

Landing Page Explainer Video Feature

Let’s explain the importance of explainer videos, and how adding an explainer video can benefit your marketplace. Your landing page is the very first impression visitors will experience when visiting your marketplace and videos are an easy way to provide content and engage them right away! This feature allows you to add a video right […]

by admin May 26th, 2017

What is Feature Creep?

Feature creep (also known as scope creep or requirements creep) is the tendency for product features or project requirements to increase during development, beyond the original scope. These additions can increase the complexity in the functionality and or the design, making the product less user friendly and compromising its overall value. Avoiding feature creeping is […]

by admin April 28th, 2017

Domain Names and SSL Certificates – What Are They?

You no longer have to be a tech wiz in order to create a stunning marketplace website, that’s why we’re here! No matter what type of marketplace you’re looking to build, one of your first steps will be registering your domain and obtaining an SSL Certificate. So what are domain names and SSL certificates?  If […]

by admin April 28th, 2017

What Makes a Great Marketplace Client?

Technology offers bountiful options for just about every part of life, especially when it comes to marketplace platform providers. As the client, you’re not only valued by our team because of your unique vision, but also a representation of what we can build together. As in any relationship or partnership, trust is key. So what […]

by admin April 28th, 2017

Tips For a Smoother Braintree Payments Approval Process

Applying for a merchant account can seem complex and intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. Braintree Payments evaluates you and your marketplace with the largest of magnifying glasses because they must assess and minimize their risk before entering into a partnership. Braintree supports a lot of large marketplaces like Airbnb and Upwork, and they’re […]

by admin April 28th, 2017

What is a Tagline?

So what is a tagline and why is it so important? A tagline is a catchy, short description that summarizes the overall benefit of your brand. It should help the audience understand the bigger picture of your service or product and entice them enough to continue browsing through your website. Taglines are created and intended […]